As the other minigolf games, the purpose of this game is to reach the last hole. 

However Golfito adds the feature to jump as many times as you want, you will need to jump to get to special platforms and reach the end. 

Try to get all coins and special letters for a more challenging experience!


Shoot the ball - Left Click (Hold & Release)

Move Camera - Left Click outside the shaded area (Hold & Release)

Jump - Spacebar 

Pause - Esc

A Game by CRONOBYTE Studio.

Designed and Developed by Abraham Lizarraga

Special thanks to Brenda Orzuna for being a great, loving and supporting companion. 

Music: reNovation by airtone (c) copyright 2019 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. 


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I love it, very relaxing experience...

Until I reach the 3th level, that could only be created by an evil entity, I almost get it but on the last shoot I return to the start.

Great game! To be honest it was quite relaxing due to the music yet addictive to move to the next hole! Controls were easy to handle and I liked the changing colors on each level, specially the ones with black.  Would love to see how it evolves!